Niimbot x StarMoly Portable Printer

Niimbot x StarMoly Portable Printer

Niimbot x StarMoly Portable Printer


There is a sea of different types and models of printers available for sale these days. Several are pretty basic function-wise, while others are of a more sophisticated design. Printing can be quite stressful at times, and this is usually a result of the printer being used to carry it out. For optimum stress-free printing experience, you will need a printer “smart enough” to offer you exactly that.

Speaking of convenient printing, this portable label printer is one of the best printers to use for a hassle-free printing experience thanks to its smart design. This printer supports Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity so you will be able to easily connect to and print from your devices without needing to use a cord. This also means that you will be able to easily connect to your mobile devices irrespective of whether it runs on Android or iOS.

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One major problem with most printers is the fact that they are usually big in size, not to mention increasingly fragile the more complex the printer. This “big size” common to most printers limits their usefulness significantly since you will not be able to use them whenever you want.
However, with this wireless label printer, you will have access to a quality printer you will be able to use whenever you need. This is because it has a very portable design. It’s is also a very lightweight design so you will be able to easily carry it wherever you’re going without stress. In this printer, you have the perfect blend of functionality and ease of use.



Now you might probably be thinking, “This printer looks very useful, but with its small size, will it be all that useful?” Actually yes! This is because this portable label printer has a high-quality build. This printer is made of premium-quality ABS material that ensures it is very durable.

This label printer also makes use of the latest thermal technology. This makes it a very cost-effective option since it ensures you won’t have to incur additional costs of purchasing inks and toners.


Another common disadvantage of most printers is the fact that they require a constant connection to electricity to function. This means that you will not be able to use them without an electric supply. However, with this portable printer, you will be able to print whatever you want, whenever you need it. This is because it has a high-capacity in-built battery. So once charged, you will be able to print multiple times.



If you have been looking for the perfect high-quality printing option for your home or office use, this portable label printer is exactly what you need. It has a versatile design that ensures it will always be well suited to your specific label printing needs irrespective of whether you’re a student, office worker or even if you just need to label some in-home items. This printer also supports multiple languages, so chances of a “language barrier” are actually very slim.



  • Material: ABS
  • Connection: BT 4.0
  • Voltage: 5V, 1A
  • Charging Time: 3-4 hours
  • Printer Size: 132 x 79 x 29mm / 5.2 x 3.1 x 1.1in
  • Printer Weight: 208g / 7.3oz
  • Colour: White, Green, Pink


1 x Label Printer

1 x White Label Roll (12x40mm, 160 sheets)

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual

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