Enerex Botanicals Serrapeptase120,000 SU 60 Capsules @

Enerex Botanicals Serrapeptase120,000 SU 60 Capsules @

Enerex Botanicals Serrapeptase120,000 SU 60 Capsules @


Serrapeptase is a natural enzyme that can help to effectively reduce pain, inflammation, and mucous build-up. This productive and efficient enzyme brings many people comfort and relief.

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A Natural Enzyme

Everyone experiences pain – it can be debilitating and limit our freedom. Through various mechanisms, SERRAPEPTASE has been shown in certain cases to inhibit pain, contribute to reduced inflammation, and break down mucous. This enzyme has many applications when pain is experienced.

Enerex SERRAPEPTASE uses a high activity enzyme for greater effectiveness. Our special Delayed Release capsule protects the enzyme from destruction by stomach acid to help provide the relief you seek.

Inflammation: Good or Bad?

Our bodies have a love-hate relationship with inflammation: it is a natural response necessary to protect the body and aid the healing process, but it also causes pain and swelling, mucous build-up, and can increase the symptoms of infections. Excessive inflammation in the body can also limit joint function, destroy bone, and lead to problems with the heart and nervous system.

The search to find a natural remedy to reduce pain and inflammation resulted in the discovery of SERRAPEPTASE. Enerex was the first company to introduce SERRAPEPTASE to Canadians.


Enerex SERRAPEPTASE has been shown in certain cases to reduce pain, mucous build-up, and symptoms of inflammation.

SERRAPEPTASE, which is classified as a proteolytic enzyme, is thought to work in four ways: 

  1. May relieve pain by blocking the release of the body’s pain-inducing amines (natural chemicals) in inflamed tissue.
  2. May reduce inflammation by thinning the fluids formed, helping the fluid to drain and contributing to faster tissue repair.
  3. As a proteolytic enzyme, it may break down dead or damaged tissue (without harming living tissue) by dissolving these protein by-products.
  4. As a “mucolytic enzyme”, it may help break down mucous, which is protein based.


SERRAPEPTASE, also called Serrapeptidase or Serratio Peptidase, is a natural enzyme that breaks down or “digests” dead tissue or particles made of protein.

Who should take SERRAPEPTASE?

SERRAPEPTASE acts as an anti-inflammatory and may be effective for those experiencing inflammation and/or related pain. It has not been shown to exhibit the same side effects typically associated with NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs). SERRAPEPTASE may help to reduce fluid retention (edema), post-operative swelling, and inflammation-related symptoms in the sinuses or throat.

Research has shown that SERRAPEPTASE may also help to break up and remove certain types of disruptive tissue. In some cases, under the supervision of medical professionals, SERRAPEPTASE has been used in support of antibiotics to dissolve bacterial “biofilms” (a common cause of persistent infections) and increase the absorption/concentration of the antibiotic in the body.

Disclaimer: Enerex does not claim that Enerex SERRAPEPTASE will cure, or assist in the treatment of, any specific case of any specific ailment or disease. Please consult your doctor for treatment and/or personal medical advice.

Proof of potency

Over 30 years of clinical research has suggested that SERRAPEPTASE may be safe and effective in addressing symptoms emerging from a broad spectrum of ailments. Many physicians have recognized and made use of the anti-inflammatory and pain-blocking mechanisms of this naturally occurring substance. Please consult your doctor when deciding whether SERRAPEPTASE may be right for you. 

The Enerex Advantage

Enerex SERRAPEPTASE is derived from controlled fermentation of a strain of healthy bacteria called Serratia marcescens sp. E-15. It is not produced from silkworms. SERRAPEPTASE is a type of enzyme that is transported directly from your intestines into your bloodstream, making it quickly available to be delivered throughout your body. Our supplements use a delayed release capsule, designed to protect the enzyme and allow it to pass intact through your stomach's acidic environment intact.

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